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wax seal charms by RQP Studio
wax seal necklace
antique wax seal  latin motto
wax seal necklace
Hope Sustains Me
anchor wax seal necklace
with French motto
From Possibility to Actuality
lion crest wax seal necklace
with Latin motto
Grow - Don't Change
antique wax seal necklace with tree
and Italian motto
tortoise and hare
aesop fable wax seal  pendant
wax seal jewelry
The Tortoise And The Hare
Aesop fable wax seal necklace
with French motto
Better To Bend Than Break
Aesop fable wax seal necklace
the Oak and the Reed
  Such Is Life
Sailboat wax seal necklace
with French motto
snail wax seal jewelry
beehive wax seal necklace
elephant wax seal charm
Always At Home
antique wax seal necklace
with Snail and French motto
No One Penetrates My Secrets
beehive wax seal necklace
with French motto
Reason Is My Strength
elephant wax seal necklace
from antique French seal
Freanch wax seal jewelry
antique French heart wax seal  charm
wax seal jewelry
This Is My Destiny
sea oats wax seal necklace
in fine silver
Love Hurts
heart and arrow
antique French wax seal jewelry
British Royal Coat of Arms
antique wax seal jewelry
with crest of lion and unicorn
British Royal Crest necklace
  antique seal jewelry
cherub wax seal necklace
wax seal necklace
My North Star
polaris lucky star
wax seal necklace
star wax seal necklace
Nothing Without Effort
cupid climbing ladder
wax seal necklace
cupid wax seal necklace
Bring Peace
peace dove with olive branch
wax seal necklace
dove wax seal jewelry
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Fine Silver Wax Seal Charm necklaces handmade by RQP Studio
These was seal pendants are all handmade from fine silver (which is 99.9% pure silver). Each charm comes with a sterling silver chain (sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver). The wax seal charm and chain comes beautifully packaged in a clear gift box with information of the particular antique wax seal used and what it means.

These fine silver wax seal charms are handmade by RQP Studio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The antique wax seals used to create the wax seal pendants belong to a private collection of RQP Studios. The wax seals date from 1730's to 1890's, most are antique Frech wax seals or antique wax seals from England. After pressing the antique wax seals into the fine silver, and then firing them in a kiln, the charms are put through a patina process, and that is how the wax seal pendants get their vintage "oxidized look". They are then polished and treated to bring forth the highlighted design of the antique wax seals.

As each and every fine silver wax seal pendant are made by hand, they will vary slightly in shape and form. The wax seal has been pressed into the silver by hand, and this gives each and every wax seal a unique, different look. In other words, the wax seal necklace you will be receiving is similar to the one in the picture.
Please read the description of each item before making a purchase. You'll be able to read more about the wax seal charm when you click on the grey "View & Buy it" button.

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